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Welcome to Mola Wala Restaurants & Kitchen

Mola Wala Kitchen

We are pleased to introduce Mola Wala Kitchen, Mola Wala kitchen is a food delivery center located in Karachi, Multan & Islamabad soon to open in Connecticut, Florida and New York. Mola Wala Restaurant has its origins in Shahi Mohalla Delhi Hindustan . Mola Wala Spicy Chicken Haleem & Spicy Beef Pulao as well as Chicken Biryani are the most liked food items.
A restaurant with one of the best biryani and haleem in India and Pakistan.

We are Introducing Y’all with pocket friendly menu, Students 10% discount with our weekly special menu with free delivery in the area of Bahauddin Zakariya University Multan .

Sincerely, Mola Wala Chef

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Our Chef Muhammad is an expert cook of Eggplant Parmesan, Beef Tenderloin, Crispy Honey Garlic Tofu, Pan Roasted Chicken, Turkey and Salmon, Turkish & Greek kababs, Lamb Gyro & Mutton with gravy off course biryani, haleem and pulao.

At Mola Wala Restaurant we have 4 essential zones to operate

Prep Zone one

This is where you prep all your ingredients prior to cooking.
Tip: Choose an area with the most countertop space and try to store the tools and ingredients mostly use during prep at or near this station. These items can include a cutting board, a sharp knife, kitchen towels, a trash can, prep bowls, salt and pepper, and oils and vinegars.

Cook Zone two

This is where you do all the cooking.
Tip: Put all cooking utensils and supplies within arm’s reach to make cooking very efficient. It’s easy to store items like tongs and wooden spoons in a drawer or utensil holder and keep supplies like cooking oil by the stove.

Clean-Up Zone three

This is where your sink is and where all the cleaning gets done.
Tip: If you have a small kitchen, your clean-up zone is likely pretty close to your cooking zone. Remember, clean as you go for more efficient cooking and a tidy kitchen!

Put Away Zone four

This is when dinner is done and it’s time to put things away in your fridge and / or freezer.
Tip: Keep items that will make leftovers easily go from fire to fridge next to this zone. These items can be tupperware for packing foods, saran wrap, foil, and a magnetic whiteboard and dry erase markers to keep inventory of what you put in your freezer.